In Studio Artwork !!

Turn some recent pictures (and a little imagination) into a keepsake piece of Art that makes a Great Gift for Any Occassion.    Caricatures make perfect gifts where you have all the creative input you want in capturing personal memories.  Incorporate careers,  hobbies,  interests,  and yes even pets into a full colour feast for the eyes !!

Call us today and together we can start planning our attack on a truely One of a Kind Gift !!!!!

Live Event Caricatures

We come to your event and add something "different" towards entertaining your guests.
Approximately 5 mins gets you a cartoon type drawing of your victim ( I mean guest).
** And yes, if you have a BIG NOSE, you will have a drawing with a rather BIG NOSE, perhaps
bigger than you would imagine a neck could hold up.

We average 10-12 black and white "head studies" per hour. And we get thru the lineup as fast
as we can.
We can even create a theme border on the drawing sheets that shows the nature and date
of your event.

We provide all the "stuff" with the exception of a few chairs and some willing participants.
Unless requested, our Caricature Style is Very Safe and Fun - we are not out to pick on anyone,
ok we are, but in a nice way,
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